Finnish goth’n’rollers have depicted the intricacy of Versailles and mysteriousness of French girls

July 18, 2016

“Helsinki vampires” and Ville Valo’s mates, The 69 Eyes have always had a weakness for French girls and France in general. Just take a look back at their most prominent album, Paris Kills, which came out in 2002. In order not to repeat themselves, frontman Jyrki 69 chose Versailles as the theme of his song this time.

Last Thursday, July 14, The 69 Eyes shared a black-and-white music video for the song ‘Miss Pastis’. The track is featured on the band’s latest album Universal Monsters, released via Nuclear Blast Records. It’s already the band’s fourth music video off of the new album, following ‘Jet Fighter Plane’, ‘Dolce Vita’, ‘Jerusalem’.

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French anise spirit ‘Pastis’

And the first question which pops up in your head as you read the song title is, what is “pastis”. And here is what we found out. Pastis is an anise-flavoured spirit and apéritif, one of the signiture drinks of France. Here is what Jyrki 69 says about the idea of the song and the video:

“It’s a great driving rocker of a song which has already made people move in our live set. I got the idea for the lyrics in Marseille, France where pastis is cheap and girls are pretty. I shot the video in the gardens of Palace of Versailles – I wanted to make it look like a crazy, little art film influenced by as much Jacques Tati as Federico Fellini and classic French films.”

The 69 Eyes are going to embark on a large European tour, starting August 5 in Sweden. The dates have been booked all the way into the end of November. The rockers have also added a couple of additional U.K. headline dates to their route – Nottingham and Manchester.

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