ASKING ALEXANDRIA are teasing the music video for their new single ‘The Black’, which will drop Feb 1st

January 28, 2016

Asking Alexandria will launch their new music video for ‘The Black’ on Feb 1st. The band posted a teaser for the clip a few hours ago. Check it out below.

aa-the-blackThe band’s new album, The Black, will hit the stores in March through Sumerian and will mark their first official studio record with new frontman Denis Stoff. Guitarist Ben Bruce said about the process for The Black: “…one thing that was a huge, huge difference — which was really refreshing — is Denis was really involved with the writing. He would critique me, he would give me ideas, he’d be, like, ‘I’ve heard you do better. Do better.’” Comparing the differences between the two singers, he continued, “And he really, really pushed me, whereas Danny would just kind of not do anything. I’d send him the songs and he’d be, like, ‘That’s s–t. I don’t like it. It’s too heavy. And then, ‘If I have to do it, I’ll do it.’ So there wasn’t much interaction between me and Danny. But with Denis, he was very hands-on.” (transcription from Blabbermouth)

Stoff replaced Asking Alexandria’s longtime vocalist Danny Worsnop after his departure from the band last year. Worsnop eventually lost his interest in screaming vocals and heavy music in general. He also tore his vocal cord in three years ago. After his departure from the band, he focused on his other group, We Are Harlot, playing in pop-punk genre.

The guys are continuing their extensive British Invasion tour with Bullet for My Valentine and While She Sleeps across North America, kicking off Feb 2 in San Diego, CA. Besides, Asking Alexandria will play a bunch of US headline dates in Feb-May in between the British Invasion stream of shows. Check their upcoming headline tour dates below.

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Asking Alexandria Upcoming US headline dates:

Feb 04 – Reno, NV
Feb 08 – Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 14 – Lincoln, NE
Feb 26 – Atlanta, GA
Mar 04 – Rochester, NY
Mar 09 – Grand Rapids, MI
Mar 11 – Odessa, TX


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