THE ANIMAL IN ME share metal cover of ARIANA GRANDE’S ‘7 Rings’

The Animal In Me band

“Who woulda’ve thought it’d turn me to a savage?” – Ariana Grande is probably wondering, hearing this metal cover

March 12, 2019

They want it, they got it. The Animal In Me have wanted to try and record a metal cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings’ for a while, and they got it!

The female-fronted metal band, famous for their heavy takes on well-known hits, uploaded their Grande version on YouTube. And it’s totally worth checking out!

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You would think Ariana Grande is so pop you can hardly “turn her to a savage”, but somehow, the metal interpretation feels only natural to us. What do you think of the The Animal In Me’s metal cover of ‘7 Rings’? Did it live up to your expectations?

Check out the metal take on Ariana Grande’s hit below:

By the way, you might have missed the news that Ariana Grande has recently officially become the most-followed woman on Instagram, beating the previous social-media-crown-holder Selena Gomez. At the moment, Grande can boast 148 million subscribers.

The Animal In Me aren’t as talked about, of course, but if you pop onto their YouTube channel, you’ll find a few more awesome metal covers of popular tunes. Such as the undying hit ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth, which you see below:

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