“Prepare yourself — the violence is coming…”, says the creepy emergency call answering machine

Asking Alexandria have most probably got inspired by some horror movies, when they sat down to decide on a cryptic teaser for their new music. The band posted a short clip of a distorted TV set on Twitter, showing a number for fans to call. It reads: “Call +1424-373-VLNC #theviolence”.

If you call the number, which is 1-424-373-8562, you’ll be welcomed with a women’s greeting, putting on hold instead: “Welcome, due to the high volume of callers we need to place you on a brief hold. Please stay on the line.”

But while on hold, fans then get to hear a short guitar snippet (aha!), soon followed by an emergency alert message with quite creepy content:

“Lock your doors and stay inside. Stay alert. Prepare yourself — the violence is coming. You’ll be hearing from us shortly.”

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No wonder some fans had their hair stand on end: “Should I be worried?”, tweeted one fan. Another one commented: “this scared me when i got it after i called.”

After hearing this voice message, fans are encouraged to sign up for Asking Aleksandria’s updates, so it’s getting clearer new music is on the way. The text goes: “The violence is coming… Submit your info to not miss any updates”.

Once you’ve clicked the offered link, you’ll be requested to fill in your first and last name, email address, phone number, city, gender and birthday. Looks like AA are intending to collect a lot of personal data. Having filled all the personal data, you’ll be added to Asking Alexandria’s phonebook.

To make the upcoming new material, AA have also changed their profile and header images on Twitter to go along with the creepy teasers. Have you tried to call the number? What was your first reaction to the voice message?