The chart-topping singer revealed her obsession with The 1975 during the interview with Zane Lowe

January 17, 2018

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello obviously fell under the charms of the charismatic London vocalist Matt Healy and his band The 1975, and she couldn’t hold back her obsession while chatting with Zane Lowe in the Beats 1 studio.

Ex-Fifth Harmony star Cabello was very vocal when it came to discussing her love for The 1975 and admitted it is her dream to work with them:

“Oh my god, I want to work with them so bad,” Cabello exclaimed. “I’m on a 1975 roller-coaster right now. I can’t stop listening to them.”

And it looks like Cabello is not a fair weather fan of the band: she’s already been to a couple of The 1975 shows: “I think I’ve met him before because I’ve been to two 1975 concerts because I was obsessed with them,” she said (via NME).

At this stage there have been no talks or actions yet about the possibility of a collaboration between Cabello and the British rock band, but the Cuban singer’s words are spreading quickly, especially after she added: “Text him. Let’s make this happen.”

Watch Cabello confess about her obsession with The 1975 below:


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As for The 1975’s nearest plans, their third album, Music For Cars, will be coming soon. The official release date for the record release is not confirmed yet but according to Healy’s posts on Twitter we can expect it to be out in June.

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