It’s not surprising the passenger in seat 13F preferred to stay at home and miss flight #AY666

October 16, 2017

With Halloween approaching, seeing Friday 13th on the calendar just two weeks before the spooky holiday had already made many of us feel uneasy. But even if you don’t normally pay attention to Fridays 13th and laugh off the whole Halloween fuss, wouldn’t you feel a bit tense, preparing to take flight #AY666 to HEL on Friday 13th? (The call letters of Helsinki, Finland are HEL.) And what if your seat was in the 13th row?

Then you might decide to sit out the flight, like the passenger in seat 13F did last Friday. After all, there’s a reason why there’s no 13th floor in many hotels, for example. Finns, on the contrary, as true metalheads thought flight 666 on the most superstitious day of the year is what Halloween is all about. They even added extra spice to it by scheduling the flight for  13 o’clock!

Whether it was the idea of air traffic schedulers, the airline’s suggestion or a mere coincidence, Finnair’s pilots were as calm as on any other flight: “This isn’t the first time Flight 666 has flown to HEL and back on Friday the 13th. This past January a similar situation occured in which Pilot Juha-Pekka Keidasto told RT, “It has been quite a joke among the pilots. I’m not a superstitious man. It’s only a coincidence for me. If there’s some passenger who is anxious about this 666, our cabin crew is always happy to help them” (via AltPress).

As for Copenhagen passengers to Helsinki, they surely had one HEL of a ride on #AY666, because upon their landing in Helsinki, the Helsinki Airport had a truly metal surpise up their sleeve. All the paseengers that arrived in HEL were invited to jump on a heavy metal themed bus from the airport to the city center. See the bus picture below.

The flight went smoothly, and the plane landed safely. But even though it is only a matter of coincidence or the traffic schefulers’ joke, we wonder if you would dare to board flight 666 on Friday 13th. Be the first to leave your comments and stay tuned with AlteRock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favorite alternative music!

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