“Los Angeles needs this devil’s whorehouse,” says the crowdfunding campaign aimed to snatch Glenn Danzig’s home

August 9, 2017

The fans of American metal legend Glenn Danzig are rubbing their hands in the sweet anticipation, as the founder of Misfits has reportedly put his old Los Angeles house up for sale. According to the information in Zillow entry, the requested sum for the home is $1.2 million.

So what? You might say. Some loaded American man will buy it soon and we’ll never hear a word about the place again. Well, that’s an option. But another (thrilling!) option is that Danzig’s army of fans are running a campaign to try and buy their idol’s home! What for? To turn it into a sort of Danzig shrine, keeping the interior intact. “Let’s preserve this place as the gothic shrine that it is,” the Indiegogo campaign page says.

The goal of the project is a symbolic $666,666, which, of course, is only about half the asking price. But there’s no reason why the campaign cannot get more than that once it reaches the initial $666,666 and goes “in demand”, which means people would also be able to contribute after the campaign ends.

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If the crowdfunding effort proves successful and the fans manage to get the ownership of Danzig’s home, the “plan is to leave the exterior intact, renovating the inside for curatorial displays and community use, and to hire a staff of minions and monsters to keep the crypt tight.” However, the house’s Zillow entry now shows that the property is already “off market.” Does it mean Danzig’s fans have parted with their dream? No, sir. The project is still on and the fans are still full of determination to buy the house.

The fans also promise to “bring back the pile of bricks” to Danzig’s home, which is a long story to tell, so head over to Metal Injection to find out more. In the meantime, watch the official video of the curious campaign below and “don’t let some developer ruin this landmark house”, where you could spend a night or be invited for a Halloween party…

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