The band has released a new single, ‘Young Robot’, adding to epic Robot With Human Hair

September 27, 2016

Dance Gavin Dance have just released the third single from their forthcoming album, Mothership. The new song is titled ‘Young Robot,’ and comes with a very entertaining music video, which you can check out below.

‘Young Robot’ is a prequel to the band’s “Robot With Human Hair,” a music storyline that has its origins in the group’s debut EP in 2007.

It all started with the tracks Robot With Human Hair Part I and II, appearing on the debut record. The “epic” was followed one year later with Part III track, featuring Kurt Travis on clean vocals.

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alterock-dgd-young-robot-screenshotThe story got a continuation when Tilian Pearson joined the band in 2012 to record their album Acceptance Speech. The album marked the end of the line, as Part IV was titled “Death Of The Robot With Human Hair.” If you’ve been following the robot-themed storyline, you’ll now understand the whole chain of events in it much better thanks to the explanatory new video for ‘Young Robot’.

Watch the prequel video below and tell us what how it has changed the perception of the whole storyline in your head. Enjoy and analyze the song lyrics of ‘Young Robot’ underneath. Share your thoughts in the comments, and join Alterock Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned for rock and metal news.

‘Young Robot’ Song Lyrics

This time won’t blame myself it’s been long time coming been a long time coming
This time I know you well its been a long time coming been a long time coming
Follow me they’re gonna follow ’cause I’m on the inside and they’re on outside waiting
This time I know myself it’s been a long time coming been a long time coming

Don’t worry
You don’t have to bear your soul about it
Go away, you can’t stay, you got no more reasons left to come my way
Go away, you can’t stay, you got no more reasons left to come my way

Robot wang
Gonna slang through the tang
The sex assistant
It’s no commitment

She said
Drink that love don’t demand it
‘Cause baby I can’t stand it
When you look so pathetic
But I can’t stop with the rhythm of it
Drink that love
It’s like a habit
Feeling like a savage
You know I gotta have it
I, I gotta have it all

I wish I didn’t miss this
ah ah I gotta have it all
They call me hedonistic
Can’t stop with the rhythmn gotta have it all
I make them kiss they sistas
ah ah I gotta have it all
He flips his black ass robot hair

You’re on another planet

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