THE DRIVER ERA unveil behind-the-scenes tour life in new video ‘Fell You Now’

The Driver Era Feel You Now

The genre-breaking Lynch brothers are unafraid to expose all sorts of tour moments

April 17, 2019

The musically unconventional LA-based duo The Driver Era, consisting of brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch, shared really gripping behind-the-scenes video ‘Feel You Now’ filmed during their recent (and favorite) tour. You can feel what their life is like on tour (and it’s hell of a lot of fun).

In ‘Feel You Now’ video, the brothers are not leaving much under the veil, so get ready to see their naked body parts and how they play jokes on each other on the road. The band recruited their 16-year-old cousin Gordy Destjeor to film their behind-the-scenes footage and put together this captivating music video.

For The Driver Era this tour has become their favorite. “This is our favorite tour we’ve been on,” Ross Lynch said in an interview with Alternative Press. “We really love the music we’re making together, and it seems like the fans are loving it too. We have a lot of songs that are cocked and loaded. Now it’s just time to get them out.”

It’s common to refer to The Driver Era’s music as genre-defying or “genreless”. Why? Just compare the band’s latest singles: ‘Preacher Man,’ ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Low’, and try to fit the newest song ‘Feel You Now’ into this frame. The Lynch brothers can’t help experimenting with genres and their comfort zone:

“So far, every song we’ve released seems to fit into a different genre than the one we released before it,” says Rocky. “It branches into that electronic-pop, and then two minutes in, it washes into this Beatles-esque thing. It just keeps everything fresh. You don’t know what you’re going to get when you’re on our Spotify page, and we really like that.”

Do you like The Driver Era guys for their stylistic diversity and unpredictability? Get ready for even more surprises, because according to W Magazine, a few new tracks are still on the way. The upcoming works are inspired by Ross’ thoughts and reflections on existentiality.

Be sure to see the new music video for ‘Feel You Now’ below!

In the meantime, check out the band’s recent tattoo experience. Ross gave Rocky a tattoo in New York, looking pretty professional all the way. Inked Magazine rushed to witness and record the exciting tattoo-making procedure.

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