FALLCIE share song and music video for ‘Rock’n’Rolla’ with new female singer


“Who are you to fucking judge me, bitch?”- ‘Rock’n’Rolla’ is about people of creative professions who face the disapproval of society

September 6, 2017

NU-NATION, a metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia, has got huge news for you. First of all, they are not called NU-NATION anymore. It’s now Fallcie, and the new name comes with a new singer: the band decided to take a female vocalist on board. The new singer’s name is Darya Platova, and the chemistry between her and the band seems so good and effortless that it’s hard to recall what the original male frontman sounded like. Check out what Fallcie sound like now in their new music video for ‘Rock’n’Rolla’ below!

The music video for ‘Rock’n’Rolla’, directed by Aleksey Misyurov, showcases the skills of all sorts of street dancers, jugglers and extreme sports athletes. Produced by the band’s very own guitarist Alexander ‘Maiden’ Korsak, the clip reflects the vision of the group. We asked Korsak how the idea for the video was born:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“Initially, we didn’t want to make a simple performance music video where only you see band members playing. It’s obvious there is plenty of such videos and they’re not much fun to watch”, the guitarist explains. “Our song ‘Rock’n’Rolla’ says you should do what you like doing. Forget what the others think of it, ignore their advice to “get serious, because you’re not 18 anymore”.[/quote]

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The band decided to focus on the less understood jobs and hobbies such as hip-hop dancers, breakdancers, krumpers that the society often considers a waste of time or something you give up when you “grow up”:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“We decided to show people who dedicate their life to these informal activities, and they are awesome at what they do. But they all have to listen to that stuff, even from their family. These are hip-hop dancers, breakdancers, krumpers, jugglers, extreme sports athletes. They are really cool at what they do but the society thinks they do something childish. Same as the society thinks about us,” Korsak says.[/quote]

– So what’s the message of ‘Rock’n’Rolla’?

– In fact, all these activities don’t stand in the way of having families and growing kids, plus, you get to travel the world, play or dance for hundreds and thousands of people who appreciate and love what you do. You get to show your skills on the international level and receive recognition. Unlike all those “adults” who, for the most part, have nothing to show off. So the song is like, don’t teach us what to do. “Who are you to fucking judge me, bitch?” (the line from ‘Rock’n’Rolla’)

Fallcie are currently packing their suitcases to hit the road for a European fall tour on September 19, and more dates are coming soon. See all the announced fall tour dates below.

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