The singer underlined he “reserves his right” to express his disappointment in others’ behavior

Sometimes rock stars’ impulsive personality breaks through. It just does. With Twitter, Instagram etc. at hand and instant reactions expected, we often post before thinking of our post’s consequences. And it’s a bit ironic, though, that an ex-member of the influential emo-rock band My Chemical Romance got emotional, a bit over the top.

Frank Iero held a contest with Kerrang, allowing its winner to get to see an intimate live interview with Frank in Kerrang!’s Brooklyn office and have their own question asked. A user under the nickname Punk Soul Brother won the tickets BUT didn’t expect such luck at all and couldn’t go to see her favorite musician.

“I won these but have no way to get to New York,” she wrote. “(I never anticipated winning) if we can’t go do you think they’ll still ask you our questions? :(“

A few negative comments about the fan’s not going to New York would have soon passed if not for Frank Iero’s own impulsive reply:

“If you had no intention of coming, why would you try and ruin another persons chance at winning tickets? this makes zero sense to me.”

The backlash with both haters of the not-going fan and those who disapprove of Frank’s angry comment have become more heated than the rocker could possibly imagine. Here you can see some of fans’ reactions:

This all escalated to an extent Abel angrily wrote on her wall:

“I’m not even going to bother to @ you because I no longer have any desire to hear another word from you. I am sickened, angry and most of all, f–king heartbroken. F–k you, man”, and added a hashtag #dontmeetyourheroes

Today, Frank took to Twitter again to post a lengthy comment (not an apology whatsoever), saying he reserves the right to tell others they did something wrong (read the whole post below):

“If you cannot handle being told that you did the wrong thing, i feel sad for you and fear that you maybe ill-prepared for real life…”

Somehow comes off even harsher now, right? But that’s what we think. What do you think? Have you ever participated in an online contest not realizing you’d need to go to another city in case you win? Whose side are you on?