In ‘Feel The Love Go’ the band definitely succeeded in making “the sound that you haven’t heard before”

January 9, 2018

If year 2018 starts like that, we are in for an adventurous ride this year. British indie rock legends Franz Ferdinand have released a new single, ‘Feel The Love Go’, featured on their upcoming album, Always Ascending. And if this song is any indication, the record is full of surprises and stylistic experiments. Give it a listen below!

“We wanted to take the sounds that are available to us now and make the sound that you haven’t heard before – the sound of the future,” frontman Alex Kapranos told NME about the band’s new album. “When you’re recording in 2017 you need to be looking ahead to the next thing. What haven’t people even heard in 2018?”

Whether it really is “the sound of the future” is up to you to decide but one thing is for sure: Franz Ferdinand’s fans will appreciate the band’s innovations. ‘Feel The Love Go’ is way different from everything the band has done before: it’s an eclectic yet smooth neighbourhood of synth tunes with saxophone and rock instruments, enriching the sound.

Always Ascending is due out February 9, and, interestingly enough, it opens with the title track of the album. It’s the band’s first record without guitarist Nick McCarthy, who left the group in 2016.

Listen to ‘Feel The Love Go’ below and tell us if you like Franz Ferdinand’s new music direction. Do you like what we’re doing? If so, help us grow by sharing the article – this way we can keep providing you latest news and fun interviews with your favorite bands! Stay tuned with AlteRock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favorite alternative music!

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Always Ascending Tracklist:

Always Ascending
Lazy Boy
Paper Cages
The Academy Award
Lois Lane
Huck And Jim
Glimpse Of Love
Feel The Love Go
Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow

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