Metallica has reached #4 spot in top 10 with $69.7 million made on tour this year

In the freshly published Top 100 highest-grossing tours of 2019 so far, presented by Pollstar, we see legendary Metallica and KISS in the Top 10 and always energy-filled Panic! At The Disco and Maroon 5 in Top 50.

Getting down to figures, Metallica occupies spot No. 4 with $69.7 million, while KISS managed to make as much as $58.1 million. Impressive, isnt’ it?

The list of musicians organized by tour earnings also includes Paul McCartney and twenty one pilots among non-pop artists. Brendon Urie and his band Panic! At The Disco landded at No. 43 with $15.1 million grossed on tour.

If you’d like to know more and compare your favorite stars’ tour profits, go here for the full list of the top 50 selling tours of 2019 to this moment.

Have you been on any of these hypersuccessful tours? Did the show live up to your expectations?