NECK DEEP cancel show: “Security fucked it, there was a fight, show’s over”


Upset fans left the venue but said the band were right to interfere into the fight between the crowd and security

October 11, 2017

Neck Deep fans who came to the band’s Nottingham Rock City show could not have imagined that they would go home after just two songs and witness the violence of the security towards fans, the group and their crew. Despite conflicting posts on Twitter, most members of the audience claim that security were heavy-handed with the crowd, which Neck Deep members simply couldn’t put up with.

What started off with bouncers trying to remove some crowdsurfing fans from the audience resulted in a fight between band members and stage security, writes NME. From fans’ video footage below you will see the moment where frontman Ben Barlow stops signing for a second, shouting at the security as they get violence with some fans in the front rows. Neck Deep members somehow finished off the song and then started fighting the bouncers for hurting fans.

Neck Deep then left the stage with the words: “[The show] is fucking over. Security fucked it, there was a fight, show’s over.”

Having witnessed the violent altercation, many fans stayed after the band had left the stage and kept on shouting at security and accusing them of being unreasonably harsh. Watch the shocking footage below:

Today, the band have posted the following statement on the incident:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]

A Neck Deep show – any show for that matter – should be a protected and positive environment, where everyone is safe and free to enjoy music being played.

The safety of our fans is our number one priority, but no-one involved in a show should EVER be in fear of harm or injury – be that fans, crew, venue staff, security or the band.

The events that transpired last night were regretful and deeply unfortunate. Things rapidly escalated to a point that they should never have gotten to. We believe that violence is never a solution, and that everything that went down could and should have been handled better by all parties.

We are so very sorry to anyone who was in any way hurt, upset or inconvenienced last night.

All scheduled tour dates will go ahead as planned, and we will be taking extra measures to ensure that these events are never again repeated.

For everyone in attendance last night, we are working on a rescheduled date for you, and we will ensure that your original tickets will remain valid / be reissued.

Thank you all for reading and for your understanding.

Neck Deep


Rock City owners DHP refrained from any additional comments and said a rescheduled date would be announced soon to compensate for the cancelled show.

Watch the incident in Twitter videos from different angles below:

Here are some of the comments from the eyewitnesses, who all stand for the band trying to protect their fans from violence of security. It’s “the truest fucking definition of punk,” one of the audience members wrote.

Rob Jackson, 51, told the Post:

“The security were very harsh and one of the band ran across the stage to help the audience when he saw it happening.”


“It was disappointing that they cancelled the show but the band were right, they had to do something.”

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