The rockstar believes he doesn’t need to be nice to his fans: “I don’t give a f–k if they think I’m an asshole”

September 9, 2016

Who said rockstars have to be agreeable with fans? Former Oasis musician says he doesn’t have to be nice to people just because they like his music.

In a new interview for Rolling Stone, Gallagher was asked on his attitude to fans hoping to take a selfie with him, writes NME. And here is what he said:

“I just tell them to go f–k themselves. I’m not beholden to anybody with a camera phone. I don’t give a fuck if they think I’m an asshole, either. I say, ‘I’m fucking busy here buying underwear.””

“Doesn’t it offend the band’s fans?”, you might ask. “Some people get offended,” Gallagher admits. Gallagher sees no point in posing for selfies. and adds that he doesn’t live his life to take photos with fans. “I’m not asking them to buy records. They buy them because they like them.”

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Commenting on the latest rumours that his brother Liam is planning to reform Oasis without him (even though the rumours have been dismissed), Noel is straightforward as well. “I’d fucking pay to see that. That’d be fucking interesting. We should start a rumour that I’m going to do it without Liam and I’m gonna use a hologram like they did with Tupac at Coachella. Look, to be honest, I don’t need the money.”

To other Oasis-related news, a demo of Oasis track ‘Don’t Go Away’ has recently surfaced online. The track titled “Mustique Demo” will appear on the upcoming deluxe reissue of the 1997 album. Noel Gallagher recorded the demo on the Caribbean island of Mustique in early 1996. The reissue is set for release October 7, reports NME.

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