NU-NATION Launch New Single NO WAY OUT


NU-NATION have premiered an energizing single and lyric video ‘No Way Out’, marking the band’s new lineup and sound

April 12, 2015

NU-NATIONRussian melodic death metal band Nu-Nation has released a new powerful single, ‘No Way Out’, recorded by Ilya Pozinski from Planet-X Sound Studio. The song certainly has some In Flames’ tinge, and officially marks the band’s new music direction after the recent lineup change. Single ‘No Way Out’ has come out alongside with a lyric video by Temk Matveenko from Empire Studios. The new single art and cover were created by Maxim Kobzev (listen to the single below).

Nu-Nation’s smooth transition from nu-metal sound (which is reflected in the band’s name) to a more death metal sound has been recently backed up with the guys’ signing to Defiled Management.

The band is now ready to hit the road ’till the beginning of June with their spring European round of shows, titled The Awakening Tour. It will start in their homeland Russia on April 29 and stretch all the way to the west, including France, Germany, the Netherlands and more. Make sure to listen to ‘No Way Out’ below, and join Alterock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favourite alternative music!

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