PALAYE ROYALE share experience of car ride with the worst Uber driver


“I’m on to you Mr. Uber Man”, wrote Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig while on the road

March 15, 2019

We can all relate to this, as once in a while we end up in a cab with some weird driver of Uber, Taxify or Yandex taxi, just hoping for the ride to finish as soon as possible. When you’re a musician, that might easily result in even less rapport between you and the driver. Like in Palaye Royale’s case…

Guitarist Sebastian Danzig of the Canadian indie/art-rock band, which takes its name after Palaye Royale dance hall in Toronto, decided to live-chat his experience throughout the whole journey, and it’s ridiculous what driver you can encounter.

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Danzig took to Twitter to tell how he ordered an Uber for a two hour drive through Arizona. To begin with, the driver refused to turn on the air conditioning. But that was just the tip of the upcoming iceberg… Read Palate Royale guitarist’s tweets below.

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