On Tuesday, June 26, Disturbed turned a white-night open-air into a uniting sunset-framed experience

Budapest Park, welcoming metal fans in the heart of Hungary, put up Disturbed show really early this past Tuesday, aiming, for some reason, to vacate the stage area by 10PM sharp. I bet David Draiman and Co. must have been a bit confused, coming out to the public in bright sunlight, as most of the concert-goers had barely finished work.

Why sunlight? Because Hungary is enjoying the period of almost white nights exactly this week of Midsummer. As it was getting darker bit by bit along the show, it helped the atmosphere turn from a let’s-chill-out-and-who-cares-what-plays-on-stage at 8PM to an intimate metal gig feel in almost complete darkness by encore. And the arresting attention song ‘The Sound of Silence’ got gently framed with the thickening darkness of the late sunset.

It caught my eye that this show’s audience, or “my brothers, my sisters, my blood”, as the frontman likes to call the crowd, was vastly male-prevailing. Imagine my (and the band’s) surprise at the fact there were no stage dives, no moshing around or even the crowd’s synced jumps to the closing tunes of ‘Down With the Sickness’. But in no way was it a sign that the Hungarians didn’t enjoy what they saw and heard. They just weren’t ready for such an early set.

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So it made total sense for Disturbed to start off with ‘Are You Ready’, probably the most memorable track from their latest album, Evolution. Mixed with a couple of earlier hits, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Liberate’, the set soon got way livelier with the previous record’s number one piece, ‘The Vengeful One’.

“Not shabby for the first time,” David admitted in between the first songs. Wait, what? Turned out, in such a long touring history Disturbed had never ever performed in Hungary before! The fans’ eyes got even bigger when they heard the Israli singer’s confession… that he’s partly Hungarian! “My grandfather on my mother’s side was born here in Hungary,” he explained.

“How good is your English?” joked the vocalist to make sure he wasn’t speaking in vain. “My Hungarian is shit”, he admitted, making us laugh. “Unfortunately. Anybody wanna teach me?” asked David (just to hear some complicatedly pronounced words and say: “Ok, another time…”).

Disturbed’ show couldn’t do without the fan’s all-time-favorites such as ‘Stupify’ and ‘Voices’, but the group sticked way more to promoting their latest record, which made it a bit harder for the audience to sing along. To simplify this, Disturbed even put some lines from the lyrics of ‘No More’ onto the screen (karaoke effect!). And let me tell you, it sounded way stronger live than on the CD, so I bet many of us will give the song another go on when returning home.

The always emotional recent single ‘A Reason to Fight’, talking the severity of depression, as well as the melancholic ‘Hold On to Memories’ saw the musicians comfortably sitting on their chairs for an almost unplugged experience.

“This cannot be a one-time thing,” concluded the frontman, finding it hard to believe it’s their first show here in Hungary. “Not only is the city beautiful but the rock fans here are amazing!”

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And the crowd gave back this love singing every word of the most beloved ones, ‘Indestructible’ and ‘Inside the Fire’. The band chose ‘The Light’ as one of their closing songs, before rocking ‘Down With the Sickness’. “A bit too inactive for the encore,” I first thought. But as it’s always with Disturbed, it’s all in the message. Through all the depression, societal burdens and media’s polirizing brainwashing to “show you the light”…

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