System Of A Down frontman sang ‘The Rains Of Castamere’, the theme of a House Lannister from the Game Of Thrones

March 28, 2017

Haven’t heard anything new from Serj Tankian lately? Well, it isn’t his own new music we’re going to tell you about but if you’re a fan of the world-famous series Game Of Thrones, you’ll definitely love it.

System Of A Down singer performed his take on the Game Of Thrones song ‘Rains of Castamere’ at a recent concert in Los Angeles (March 23). The show was part of the currently happening theme tour The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.

The powerful low-pitch song is building on its strength and emotionality as the track progress towards the theatrical culmination. And we believe Serj must really love the series as he has certainly put his soul into this performance.

Tankian chose the track ‘The Rains Of Castamere’, which is the theme of a House Lannister, originally recorded by The National for the Game Of Thrones soundtrack. Watch the fan-shot video footage of Tankian’s performance below.

If you love the HBO series, then you’re obviously all in wait, as the hit show is returning to screens this July with season seven. The producers of the series have recently revealed that Ed Sheeran will make a brief appearance in the new season.

As for Tankian’s music agenda with his band System of a Down, year 2016 wrapped up with the band’s fresh studio footage of their rehearsals, posted by Shavo Odadjian and John Dolmayan on Instagram. Tankian also mentioned earlier last year that there’s been “a lot of communication going on”:

“We’re communicating and trying to see if we can bring our material together. There’s definitely a lot of communication going on, a lot of back and forth. I can’t make a statement in terms of whether we’re going to have a record or not, because we haven’t gone into the studio and done it. But there’s definitely communication going on, songs being played to each other and all that stuff, so it’s good. We’ll see what happens.”

However, since then SOAD have been low-key. As for Tankian’s solo career, his latest album, titled Orca Symphony No. 1, came out in 2013. The same year the singer collaborated with Device, a band led by Disturbed vocalist David Draiman. Last year Tankian also shared a new song and a video ‘Artsakh’, dedicated to the people of Artsakh. If you’ve missed it, check it out below.

Watch: SYSTEM OF A DOWN share video footage from studio rehearsals

But System of a Down frontman is definitely busy on another, personal front: in October 2014 Tankian announced that he and his wife had their first child, a boy named Rumi. The family currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

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