The band’s new video for ‘Run For Cover’ sees a woman chased by a car, all because of… a cassette tape

August 23, 2017

Ok, we have to admit that The Killers made us scratch our heads today with their aggressive new music video for ‘Run For Cover’. You won’t see singer Brandon Flowers and other band members much in the clip, but you’ll definitely be glued to the screen, where a “psychological thriller” is unfolding between a man and a woman, surprisingly, all because of a stolen cassette tape!

It starts off with the woman arguing with her partner, for whom she later prepares a Molotov cocktail, knowing he would attack her again and again to get the mysterious tape. ‘Run For Cover’ is shot in full color but also includes some black and video episodes and scenes in slow motion, which add to the picturesque visuals.

The tension in the story peaks with a shocking scene, where the woman is running away from the car chasing her. Your eyes will grow big as the woman’s “beloved” one actually hits her, and despite the horror of the depicted scene, the woman’s flying body is shown in the most artistic and gracious way, as if it was a ballet dancer, floating across the stage.

How does the overdramatic story end? Watch ‘Run For Cover’ below to find out! The song is featured on The Killer’s upcoming album, Wonderful Wonderful, due out September 22.

Earlier this summer, the group launched the lead single of the record, ‘The Man’, followed by the music video, promoting the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The match will take place in the band’s hometown of Las Vegas on August 26.

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