The song is featured on the band’s upcoming fourth album, Combat Sports

January 4, 2018

They say the first tune you hear after you wake up defines your mood for the rest of the day. If your morning starts with The Vaccines’ new track, ‘I Can’t Quit’, you’re guaranteed to be uplifted and cheerful all day long. Listen to the new single below.

‘I Can’t Quit’ is taken from the band’s upcoming album, Combat Sports, due out March 30. It’s the fourth record from The Vaccines, following their 2015′ effort, English Graffiti. The London indie-rock act claims the new album to be a “return to their roots” with the sound “ranging from pure Vaccines rock and roll through to powerpop”.

“It sort of builds on the musicality of ‘English Graffiti’, but I think there’s a lot more of spirit and energy from ‘What Did You Expect…’” singer Justin Young told NME about the fourth record back in 2016. When asked about the album lyrics, Young said: “Sex and love, and love lost […] I became very self-aware a couple of years ago. I was insecure about the fact that all I sung about was sex and love. I realised its all I care about. So I’ve kind of come to terms with that.”

In April 2017, The Vaccines performed in Shanghai, China where they debuted three new album songs live, namely, ‘Your Love Is My Favourite Band’, ‘Surfing In The Sky’ and ‘Rolling Stones’.

The Vaccines are currently a five-piece with a new band member, Yoann Intonti, on drums. In June 2016, the original drummer Pete Robertson left the band “to focus on other things”. The group recruited Intonti to fill in for Robertson for the rest of the touring, and soon he became the band’s new member.

You can catch The Vaccines live this February for a couple of shows in France and Belgium or wait for them to hit the road for a nine-date UK tour in April.

Enjoy the band life-affirming single, ‘I Can’t Quit’, below and check out the official tracklisting for the new album underneath.

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Combat Sports Tracklist:

‘Put It On a T-Shirt’
‘I Can’t Quit’
‘Your Love Is My Favourite Band’
‘Surfing in the Sky’
‘Maybe (Luck of the Draw)’
‘Young American’
‘Out On The Street’
‘Take It Easy’
‘Someone To Lose’
‘Rolling Stones’

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