The number of live acts at TMW 2019 was close to 200 artists

Though Tallinn Music Week gathered less musicians than last year this time, all ten show venues were packed with locals and foreigners, craving to refresh their playlist with new tunes and voices.

The fact that each venue was within short walking distance from one another made it easy to “nagivate” in Telliskivi Creative Hub and catch as much of 21 showcases as possible over these three nights. See our gallery and comments:

  • At Viljandi Folk stage, Duo Ruut made audience part of their deep and heartfelt performance.
  • Estonia's own indie/alternative-rock band Sibyl Vane warmed up Sveta Baar's crowd
  • Latvian Rick Feds closed the night with electronic percussion magic
  • Russian new-wave band based in LA, Pompeya delivered a quality show and the fun frontman held the crowd entertained
  • The audience had a bit of time to get to know Estonian act Kali Briis, which surprised with fusion of styles
  • The DJ scratches and funky melodies of a young Estonian act Gram-Of-Fun proved fun
  • The Black Hall was packed with music fans waiting for Erki Pärnoja to emerge on stage
  • Erki Pärnoja surely live to the crowd's expectations
  • Catlin Mägi performed her folk set sitting barefoot to establish maximum intimacy with listeners
  • The twins from the Czech band Bratri cheered up the audience hands down
  • The audience could feel the harmony between the twin brothers-musicians
  • Ambient Super Collection Orchestra from Russia gathered quite a crowd in the shopping mall
  • Just like their name implies, Super Collection Orchestra were loud even in their semi-acoustic set
  • Riffarrica offered experimental, "masculine" folk rock at Tallinn Music Week

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