WITH CONFIDENCE expose consequences of self-indulging in new ‘Icarus’ video


With Confidence added their own interpretation to the warning Greek myth of Icarus’s downfall

January 15, 2019

One great thing about Greek mythology is that there are so many aspects to its interpretation. Each reader can see it through his own prism of perception. But it’s still a brave angle With Confidence chose to look from in their new ‘Icarus’ video.

The classical interpretation of the myth exposes the consequences of personal over-ambition and narcissism. However, With Confidence have linked Icarus’s story to the destructive implications of self-indulging and excessive drinking in the new clip.

“The idea for the song ‘Icarus’ came from the Greek Mythology story and is about a person getting caught up in their own glory, living selfishly and carelessly until they eventually cause their own downfall”, explains guitarist Inigo Del Carmen, introducing the song (via AltPress).

You can hear ‘Icarus’ on the band’s latest album, Love And Loathing. See the new music video as well as the album’s tracklist below. Also, if haven’t checked it out yet, the group shared an ASL version for ‘Moving Boxes’.

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Love And Loathing tracklist:

  1. That Something
  2. Sing To Me
  3. Moving Boxes
  4. The Turnaround
  5. Jaded
  6. Better
  7. Spinning
  8. Bruise
  9. Pâquerette (Without Me)
  10. Icarus
  11. Dopamine
  12. Tails