New Years Day are delighting their fans with a new music video for ‘Skeletons’, presented after a livestream Q&A session prior to the release. According to the band, ‘Skeletons’ has been a favorite with NYD fan community «since day 1». Let’s see if the band’s video gets the same acknowledgement. Watch the new video below.

Bringing the new video into spotlight, band members Ash Costello and Nikki Misery hosted a livestream where fans could ask them various questions about the new clip and beyond.

When asked about why we often see Ash alone in the videos, stealing the limelight from the rest of the band, the front woman said, laughing: «The guys hate doing music videos and photo shoots. Like, they don’t like to stand around all day»… «And pretend like I’m playing», Nikki added, smiling.

And of course, it inevitably came down to discussing how things got harder with the coronavirus pandemic. For one, even when things get back to normal with touring, meet and greets policies will have to be revisited and access to the band limited. Ask Costello remembers the last meet and greets they had:

“We were still on tour when the pandemic started happening and we put a table in between us and meeting people because if we don’t have a table there people would come up to hug us and we always hugged back. We were advised not to hug anybody. So, we got a little bit of a backlash about people wanting refunds because we put the table there. They were like ‘oh, because the virus’ and well, it felt really stupid now», she laughs.

«I think maybe hugging might be something at meet and greets that you won’t see for a long time or shaking hands but I think we will always make sure we have meet and greets available because that’s a very important part of our day.”

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Now you can see the full footage of the stream here and find out, for example, who of Drag Race UK the vocalist likes best, and if New Years Day enjoy English breakfast or fish and chips on tour:

The music video for ‘Skeletons’ premiered after the Q&A livestream, and is filled with neon lights and, naturally, a skull, as you’d assume from the song title.

“It’s clear to me that Skeletons is a favorite along the NYD fan community since day 1.», says Costelo in a statement. «Something about this song resonates. The right mix between heavy, soft, strong and soft vocals really made it stand out on our record from the rest. The song is about opening up and letting you who hide inside come out, so for that reason, I performed the song alone on the music video. It’s tough because it makes you vulnerable as a rock front woman to be without you band but it changed the performance into something pretty unique from out other music videos. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Enjoy the video for ‘Skeletons’ below:

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