Nightwish found out about breast cancer during a medical check-up

Nightwish singer, stunning Floor Jansen, has received some bad news about her health this month. The vocalist of the Finnish metal band got caught by surprise when she was told she’s got breast cancer. She felt totally healthy and had no idea about the tumor. Janson opened up about her diagnosis directly on social media.

According to the post, Jansen has surgery scheduled this week and hopes everything will be alright. She was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago, but, fortunately, doctor’s prognosis is good. Jansen also said it doesn’t seem to be an aggressive type of breast cancer.

Nightwish singer wrote in a touching Twitter post that she hopes to stay alive and see his daughter grow into a woman. Jansen might not have even known about the disease in time, as she felt completely healthy prior to it. The breast cancer was detected only during a mammogram. The vocalist urges everyone to take care of themselves and do regular check-ups.

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Jansen added that if the surgery goes well, she might able to go on tour with Nightwish at the end of November. See the singer’s original post below:

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