Moonage Daydream premieres May 23 at Cannes Film Festival

Are you ready for the «ultimate cinematic experience», telling the story of life and music of David Bowie? The first teaser trailer for the official documentary, titled Moonage Daydream, is now out. The movie premiered today May 23, at Cannes Film Festival.

What about viewers all over the world? Well, you need to wait a bit: Moonage Daydream is coming to the movie theatres and IMAX in your city this fall. Later on, it will be available to stream via HBO Max.

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Moonage Daydream is narrated by Bowie and is a real treat for both eyes and ears. It features never-before-seen video and audio footage, as well as loads of live performances. Fans will be able to have a close look at Bowie’s songwriting, screenwriting, acting and pretty much every aspect of his life.

The documentary was authorized by Bowie’s estate. It was written, edited and directed by Brett Morgen, who had exclusive access to Bowie’s personal archives, such as demos, recordings and footage of stage performances. Bowie’s estate gave the director access to over five million assets from the artist’s archives to make the movie happen.

Making the documentary was a life-changing experience even for Morgen. Talking to Deadline’s Cannes Studio, the director opened up that he had a heart attack while making the biopic and even flatlined for two minutes.

“I was my own editor on this film, I was my own producer on this film, I felt very alone and responsible,” Morgen shared. “During the course of making the film I had a heart attack and flatlined for a couple of minutes, and was in a coma for a week.”

The incident made the filmmaker look at his work from a totally new perspective:

“And then there was David,” he said. “He kind of provided me with a guide for to how to survive, how to live the most fulfilling life I could possibly live, and I realized that the film would be an opportunity to pass that message down to my children and to the rest of [the world], it’s a really life-affirming message. I couldn’t have made this film, I don’t think, without this experience that I had, because when you see the film, it’s very much about learning to appreciate every day and every moment.”

And last but not least, 48 songs are featured in the movie, selected by Tony Visconti, Bowie’s longtime producer. Watch the trailer for Moonage Daydream below:

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