BLINK-182 Record New Music for Deluxe Edition of California, Almost New Album


“It’s not a collection of throwaway songs, it’s like a whole other album,” reveals Mark Hoppus

December 21, 2016

You’re probably used to thinking that whenever there’s a deluxe or any other album edition on the horizon, it’s more of a re-issue of what’s already been released plus a couple of bonus tracks. With Blink-182’s deluxe coming up, it’s actually almost a new album in addition to the recently released hyper-successful disc California.

The band has been working on new music for a deluxe edition and Mark Hoppus recently told Billboard that it’s “not a collection of throwaway songs, it’s like a whole other album.”

Hoppus reveals that some of the new tracks are absolutely new; they were recorded just last week:

“Some of the songs were songs that we did not put on the first album, but are great songs. And some are brand new that we just wrote last week, a lot of high-energy songs, punk rock, some more ballad-y songs, a little more electronic experimentation, it’s a good mix.”

The puzzler was that the deluxe edition might sound even better than the original record itself, according to the group. Travis Barker explains:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“We’re working on the deluxe album and I got in a conversation with [producer John] Feldmann this morning. I was like, ‘Dude, we got a problem, the deluxe album might even be better than California. It’s a good problem to have, but, oh shit, it’s incredible. It’s kind of like a mind fuck because it should almost be a new album’, Barker continues, reassuring fans “the deluxe album will be neck-and-neck with California. It’s in no way fillers.”[/quote]

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