Why advertise with us? advertise-with-usLaunched in November, 2014, is a quickly developing website on alternative rock/metal, punk and modern rock/metal scene, gaining more and more new readers from day to day. Just a year after its launch, AlteRock has built up its audience to about 5000 unique visitors per day, and this is just the beginning.

As we aspire to be internationally recognised, we differ from a myriad of other music news websites, as we attempt to cover the modern music scene on both sides of the Altlantic, paying enough attention not only to the readers in Americas but also to the European music news – both, young and well-established world-famous artists. The international interest to the content of our online zine from every corner of the globe is proven by the statistics of our readers’ location, with most of our viewers coming for the U.S., Germany, France, Great Britain, and Russia.

We cover not only latest and hottest rock music news all over the world but also conduct our exclusive interviews with music bands from various countries and are often contacted by the musicians themselves with an interview request. AlteRock’s features are highly appreciated by the website visitors and translated to different languages by our dedicated readers. Our fans write to us that the website has become their daily must-read and that they recommend it to their friends for its deep coverage of news and eloquent language.

We’re offering your company or your band direct daily access to the eyes of hundreds of dedicated music fans, which increase in number every second. Music fans’ market today is characterized by its high interconnectedness and, thus, fastest working network of links and recommendations, spreading via all existing social networks.

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