FOO FIGHTERS speak out on mental health following Chester Bennington’s death


“It doesn’t matter what’s in your bank account… all that kind of crap all goes out the window if you’re not feeling right”

September 1, 2017

As you all know, this past summer the world has lost two of its significant and inspirational rock musicians, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden). Foo Fighters couldn’t have closed his eyes on these tragic events: today frontman Dave Grohl has spoken out on suicide and mental health issues.

In an interview with The Rock FM, Foo Fighters have shared their point of view on depression, highlighting the importance of keeping an eye out for people who are feeling down and are subject to depression:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“When it comes to someone like Chris Cornell or Chester – depression is a disease,” Grohl believes. “Everybody goes through it their own way.”[/quote]

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Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins adds: “It doesn’t matter what’s in your bank account or how many hits are on your YouTube page, all that kind of crap all goes out the window if you’re not feeling right.”

Depression and feeling down is something almost every rock musician, or any famous musician, goes through at a certain point in their life, you can say. True. But for Foo Fighters frontman it’s a particularly painful topic: as you know, Grohl lost his Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain to suicide. That’s why the singer insists:

“If it looks like someone is down – way down – check on them.” In order to help others fight with depression, Chester Bennington’s family have set up a charity to help his fans going through hard times and battling with depression. (via NME)

To other Foo Fighters news, the band has just performed in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, where they played a cover of AC/DC’s ‘Let There Be Rock’ and a recent single ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’.

In just two weeks, Foo Fighters will release their ninth album, Concrete & Gold (due our September 15). Check out the band’s new music video for ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’.