MAYDAY PARADE Unveil Their Deep Desires in 1960s-Inspired Video ‘Let’s Be Honest’


Mayday Parade have released a hilarious, engaging music video, reminding films and TV series of the sixties

June 24, 2016

Alterock-maydayparade_deepdesiresMayday Parade have done a great job, along with director Dan Fusselman, and have for sure excelled themselves in music video creativity with their new clip for ‘Let’s Be Honest.’ The song is taken from Mayday Parade’s most recent album, Black Lines.

Inspired by the 1960s television, they shot a retro-video titled “Deep Desires”, the action of which unfolds in a submarine. The mini-film is full of all possible adventures, from the attack of the creepy sea creature to the romance of the submarine captain and a mermaid. You can check out the fresh music video below.

Alterock-Mayday_Parade-July2015Speaking of the band’s creative development and the music direction on Black Lines, rhythm guitarist Brooks Betts told OffBeat: “I think with Black Lines we started to do something more toward the nineties style and brought in some of that influence. I guess we felt we could get away with it as opposed to having to stick with just the pop rock stuff.”

Mayday Parade are performing on the travelling Warped Tour this summer. They’ve also written some new tunes and hope to “put together some tracks in the studio to see if it’s anything we want to release”, says Betts. As the band’s 10-year record anniversary is approaching, the idea is to “add a couple tracks to those and do some special editions.”

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