SLAVES unveil tracklist for upcoming album, share making of ‘Cut And Run’

Slaves Cut and Run music video

The stakes are high after Slaves’ second album, Take Control, which came 6th on UK Album Chart

July 5, 2018

The English punk rock duo Slaves are readying to release a follow-up to their 2016’s album Take Control. The date of the release isn’t announced yet, as well as the album title. But the band has just posted the tracklist for their upcoming record via Twitter. Check it out below.

In the tracklist for the as-yet-untitled album we find ‘Cut And Run’, the first song the band shared from the new LP, plus ‘The Lives They Wish They Had’ and ‘Photo Opportunity’, which the band has been introducing live at their recent shows. You can see the live video footage of the latter below.

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The musicians realize that the third album isn’t a piece of cake, as at this point many artists are torn between keeping true to their original sound and trying new paths, avoiding self-repetition. Slaves decided to go back to basics. “The order of the day for album three is guitars, guitars and more guitars”, writes NME.

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“People are always into a band’s first album,” ponders singer/drummer Isaac Holman in the interview, “and to get people to listen fresh on your third record without already going ‘I know Slaves. They just sound like that’, you’ve got to put out a pretty big statement to win over new people. So I think we’ve both had that in mind to make something special.”[/quote]

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When it comes to collaborations, we might expect the Slaves’ third album to feature Wolf Alice‘s Ellie Rowsell. Guitarist Laurie Vincent adds: “We want to keep it secret, put it out there and if people notice, they notice it more. It might be a bit like when Elastica had Damon Albarn on their record.”

The band has also recently posted the making-of of their hilarious and energetic ‘Cut and Run’ single. Be sure to have a look below.

The punk duo from Kent manage to do much more than writing and producing their new material. Slaves recently founded Girl Fight Records and announced Lady Bird, a new band from Kent, as their first artist.

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The making of ‘Cut and Run’ single: