The band has premiered ‘Halo’, the third new track from the upcoming album, Madness

March 24, 2017

Here is the third new song plus lyric video from All That Remains. ‘Halo’ closely follows two recently released singles the upcoming eighth album, Madness, and talks about choosing your own path in life, regardless of what what society dictates you or expects of you:

…There is no sacred way
No rules to live my life
No man or deity can tell me wrong from right…

Check out the lyric video for the deep, melodic, emotional track ‘Halo’ below.

Previously, All That Remains premiered the lyric video for the title track, ‘Madness’ via Loudwire. In the song, frontman Phil Labonte touches the theme of military-related state of homelessness, PTSD and mental health issues, to name a few.

On the same day, the band shared the second track, ‘Safe House,’ inspired, surprisingly, by the Dexter TV series. Explaining the genre and lyrical diversity of the new songs, Labonte says:

“We started as a very underground death metal kind of band, we’ve since moved away from that and have never apologized for it. The music we’ve written has been reflective of that and I think the lyrics, the ideas, have always been reflective of that as well.”

“We really wanted this record to be different,” Labonte adds, “We wanted to really push ourselves and push the boundaries of what we’re allowed to do. We’ve always pushed that envelope, but we wanted to push it more.”

All That Remains’ new album, Madness, is due for release April 28, with preorders available now. Check out the new song, ‘Halo’, along with the band’s list of tour dates beneath.

All That Remains Tour Dates 2017:

4/8 Blazefest – Fresno, CA
4/15 Brufest – Phoenix, AZ
4/21 Las Rageous – Las Vegas, NV
4/29 Welcome to Rockville – Jacksonville, FL
4/30 Fort Rock Festival – Fort Meyers, FL
5/5 Carolina Rebellion – Forest City, NC
5/16 State Farm Arena – Hidalgo, TX w/Five Finger Death Punch
5/17 Concrete Street Amphitheater – Corpus Christi, TX
6/11 St Joseph County Fair – South Bend, IN
6/16 Loudwire Live – Flint, MI
6/23 Rockfest – Montebello, Canada
7/23 Rise Above Fest – Bangor, ME

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