The single is featured on Between You & Me’s new album, Everything Is Temporary

June 19, 2018

Aussie pop-punk musicians Between You & Me have shared a soulful single with a melancholic title ‘Friends From ‘96’. It’s the second song from their upcoming (and promising) debut album, Everything Is Temporary. Listen to the new single, ‘Friends From ’96’, below.

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Reflecting the title of the album, ‘Friends From ’96’ has a nostalgic acoustic feel to it at the very start:

The sunlight hits my eyes through the glass that lays in between
And this air seems colder than it used to be
As I look out the window I feel disconnected
From everyone who said they’d always be there…


Later in the song it takes a more typical upbeat pop-punk turn and sounds more generic, but the annular song construction wraps it up with fragile acoustic notes and personal lyrics:

Surely you miss me, at least just pretend
For the sake of our friends
Never thought that I’d be here
I just miss my friends from ‘96


Between You & Me are teaming up with AM//PM for a short “emo night” tour at the end of June. Joining them on the road will be Yours Truly. Get your tickets here.

Everything Is Temporary will be released July 13 through Hopeless Records. You can pre-order the record at this location. Check out the whole tracklist below.

Everything Is Temporary Tracklist:

1. “Twice Shy”
2. “Move On”
3. “Dakota”
4. “Broken”
5. “Friends From ‘96”
6. “Good Intentions”
7. “Floral Glass”
8. “I Can’t Help It…”
9. “Catch A Break”
10. “Everything Is Temporary”

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