“Sharing is caring!” – under this motto Dope Stars Inc. release a free single “It’s Going To Rain For You”, with the new album TeraPunk coming up soon.

On November 27, Italian electronic industrial metal band Dope Stars Inc. released a new song “It’s Going To Rain For You”. The fresh single plus two more, “Many Thanks” and “Take It”, can be heard on Sound Cloud (listen here). The new song is a track off the upcoming album, TeraPunk, which is going to be released on January 5, 2015.

It will be the fifth longplay by Dope Stars Inc., the follow up to their previous work, Ultriwired, which the musicians decided to simply give away as a free download for the first time in the band’s career as a result of their dissatisfaction with the label-based music business.

TeraPunk is elaborately described by the band as “a terabyte of raw data straight to your pretty face. A new ravenous synth’n’roll perversion of real instruments and artificial machines”. Dope Stars Inc., who have gone a long way in electronic metal scene since 2013, have also changed their sound and experimented with various music elements from one album to another, and the ongoing tendency is to produce every time even more powerful and in-your-face material. The new single “It’s Going To Rain For You” from the upcoming album is not an exception.

Dope Stars Inc. invite their German fans to celebrate the new releases straight after the winter holidays, starting with the show in Berlin on January 8 and then taking the “cyberpunk” party to Frankfurt and Munich.

Dope Stars Inc. German Tour Dates:

08.01.2015 // K17 // Berlin
09.01.2015 // Das Bett // Frankfurt
10.01.2015 // Backstage // Munich

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