NINE INCH NAILS unleash new song ‘Ahead Of Ourselves’, plus cover Joy Division

Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor 2017

Just days to go till the release of Bad Witch album, Nine Inch Nails premiered two new songs

June 19, 2018

This weekend Nine Inch Nails are releasing their new album, Bad Witch, and the closer the important date, the more songs off of the new record NIN offer their fans. Today, the band debuted two new tracks live.

One is their new track, ‘Ahead Of Ourselves,’ which will be featured on the upcoming album. And the other one is a cover of ‘Dead Souls’, the song by Trent Reznor’s favorites, Joy Division. Both pieces saw their debut at a recent show in Las Vegas.

Nine Inch Nails’s new album, Bad Witch, is due out June 22. Be sure to pre-order it here and check out the two new songs live below:

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What do you think of the new song ‘Ahead Of Ourselves’? What about the cover of Joy Division? You’re very welcome to leave your comments below!

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