The band have surpassed themselves in imagination and creativity – watch the new video

November 24, 2017

OK Go have released a new video for ‘Obsession’, which is a color-championing visual made with 567 printers, according to Alternative Press. Whether it irritates you with its bright colors or draws you to the screen, it is hard to stop watching it for sure. Watch OK Go’s ‘Obsession’ video below.

“This video has a lot of flashing colors. If you’re susceptible to seizures, be careful, please,” the band warned in the first place in the description of the new clip. The band recommends fans to watch this video in 1440p or 2160p quality, explaining that they “broke the matrix”:

“Just leaving it on ‘Auto HD’ results in some pretty intense distortion during a few sections, because when the colors and patterns get crazy, there’s actually just too much information flying by for YouTube’s normal HD compression. We broke the matrix.”

To ensure their fans they are going eco-friendly, OK Go made it clear that all the paper used in the video was recycled and the proceeds would be given to Greenpeace. How awesome is that? Share your thoughts in the comments, and join AlteRock Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned for rock and metal news.

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