The Baltimore-based band has surprised us once again with a smooth mix of brass- and punk-rock

March 1, 2018

It light up your day when you hear something so fresh and unique like this new song ‘Hollow’ from a genre-breaking brass-rock band Stacked Like Pancakes. The track is featured on their just-announced new album, titled Strange Creatures, a follow-up to 2015′ sophomore record, THIS IS US.

If Stacked Like Pancakes were just about brass-rock sound, they would have probably never appeared on the pages of AlteRock. But their creative frontman-songwriter Kellen McKay started the band, eager to experiment with genre boundaries. New song ‘Hollow’ is a perfect example of this crossover: while we can still hear Balkan trumpets, marching rhythm and Southern Slavic mood, it goes way farther than brass and folk tunes, touching on punk and alternative rock.

Give ‘Hollow’ a listen below (or two) and get inspired by its raw energy and upbeat sound atmosphere.

Baltimore-based group Stacked Like Pancakes became prominent after their 2011 debut album We’re Not Insane, which was followed by a fan-funded sophomore album THIS IS US in 2015.

We can’t wait to hear more from the band’s upcoming third release, and you? Share your thoughts in the comments, and join AlteRock Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned for rock and metal news.

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