The show was recorded at London’s O2 last December

December 15, 2017

Well, you know how much The 1975 love cryptic messages and brain teasers before they unleash big news. This week the band has been teasing something through a combination of letters and numbers DH00278. We were all scratching our heads trying to figure out the message, and finally we have the answer: it’s a new live album from The 1975!

The live set was recorded at London’s O2 December 16, 2016, and in fact, the band had shared the footage of the show in full last Christmas via YouTube. So you might ask, what’s new and exciting about this live record? DH00278 is a live rendition of the record they made during 2016 tour supporting the album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. Give the record a listen in the Spotify player below!

But just when you thought the cryptic mania is over, the musicians have updated their Twitter profiles: Matt Healy’s page now reads “DH00280”, and the band’s manager, Jamie Oborne, has updated his bio as well, which now reads: “DH00271”

The 1975’s upcoming new EP, which should contain fresh tracks from the band, is schefulled for release before the end of 2017, so fans are rubbing their hands in anticipation. Especially, because according to Healy, this new record will be the end of an era for the band: “It’s always been called that and we were always going to do a trilogy of records. I’m not saying that after this record it’s the end of The 1975 but it’s definitely the end of an era,” the singer explains.

Listen to the new live album, DH00278, below. Be the first to leave your comments and stay tuned with AlteRock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favorite alternative music!

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