And this song has all the chances to become your favorite on upcoming new album, All Nerve

February 22, 2018

Almost forty years after The Breeders were formed (and only four albums in their entire discography till this day) this distinctive female-fronted US band has proven there is plenty of shot in the locker with their third new single, ‘Nervous Mary’. And don’t be fooled by the unhurried intro and sluggish vocals, opening the song: it has a lot more to offer…

‘Nervous Mary’ is taken from The Breeders’ upcoming album, All Nerve, due out next week. It’s the third single, following the release of ‘Wait in the Car’ back in October 2017 and the title track, unveiled in January along with the announcement of the album release.

Half a minute into the song, when you’re ready to discard ‘Nervous Mary’ for its monotonous beginning, the song strikes you with a sudden change to accented, rhythmic, originally structured track with a little suspence after each line in the chorus. In addition, the song has a very unexpected, abrupt ending, which makes you want to play it on repeat.

Kim Deal (ex-bassist of The Pixies) and her bandmates certainly did an awesome job, writing the song that catches the listener and keeps him curious till the very last second. Give it a listen below:

All Nerve is the group’s first record in a decade after the 2008′ Mountain Battles. The album will be released on March 2 via the 4AD Label.

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