The video for ’21 Questions’ is a play on colors to the changing stages of the melody

August 11, 2017

Waterparks are becoming experts in making soulful videos to accompany their straight-to-your-heart songs.

Today the band has released a curious new music video for their track ’21 Questions’: what starts off an acoustic tune to a plain black-and-white visual of the band frontman, Awsten Knight, suddenly transforms into a carnival of color on the screen, as the song reaches its explosive culmination. Watch video below!

The powerful, guitar-driven track is taken from Waterparks’ 2016 debut album, Double Dare. The band is continuing promoting the record, and the response to their live shows is awesome. At the recent 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards ceremony the guys took the stage to perform another Double Dare song, ‘Stupid For You’, and they killed it. Have you seen it yet? If not, scroll down and check it out.

More: Watch Waterparks’ acoustic performances from Dunkin’ Donuts lounge

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