We say The 1975 and imply Matt Healy. We say Matt Healy and imply The 1975. Here are 20 interesting facts about the band’s charismatic curly-haired vocalist

  • The 1975 was formed in Manchester, England, but Matt Healy himself was born in London (April 8, 1989) and lives in London now.
  • Like most young people, Matthew tried various jobs. For one, he worked in a Chinese restaurant.
  • At school, Matt performed covers for famous songs with his friends .
  • Matt comes from a family of famous English actors, Denise Welch and Tim Healy. His parents encouraged him to perform music at an early age. (And now we know where he got his acting skills that shows in music videos.)
  • Before signing to Dirty Hit in 2012, the band performed under other names such as Me and You Versus Them, Forever Drawing Six, Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep, and Drive Like I Do.
  • The 1975 quickly got into media limelight with the release of their second EP, Sex. And the topic of men and women still intrigues Healy, resulting in their recent album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

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  • Healy has written all of the music for The 1975.
  • The singer used to have drug problems. He wrote the song ‘Chocolate’ as a metaphor to his usage of marijuana.
  • Drugs are in the past, but at concerts The 1975 vocalist often drinks alcohol.
  • Matt is open about his sexual fluidity and easily talks to media about exploring his sexuality.
  • In his song ‘Love Me’ with cardboard cutouts Healy talks about fake relationships with celebrities and how media jump onto the slightest opportunity to announce a romance:

“I found this weird social hierarchy was constructed based on who you had pictures with. Then I started to think, ‘How can you all be such good mates?’ How is Sam Smith everyone’s mate?” he told Billboard.

  • Matt has a dog named Alan, which lives in a “Taj Mahal-esque cage”, as he puts it. The singer admits he is like a “tired single mother”, as he takes the dog to bed with him.
  • Healy is against gender norms and is known for occasionally putting on women’s clothing and wearing make-up. For the album promotion, he used his make-up photos and even posted them on Instagram.
  • Matt admits he is not a deodorant kind of guy. “I naturally smell like balsa wood,” he said on Radio 1.
  • The 1975 members like to have a laugh. Every time Matt leaves his phone with his bandmates, they download Grindr and send messages to strangers.
  • Matt’s music taste is heavily influenced by emo. He is like a waking “encyclopedia of obscure bands from the Nineties and early 2000s, including Joan of Arc and American Football”.
  • When Matt doesn’t want to meet someone, he likes to say “I’m in Malaysia”, according to BBC Radio 1 interview.
  • The singer is ‘sure ain’t vegan’ but is trying to go vegan (according to Shortlist).
  • According to The Idle Man, Matt spends nearly $300 dollars on jeans and owns 7 of the same pair (might be more as we’re writing).
  • Matt appreciates Rihanna’s music and enjoys Skepta and Usher’s songs. He likes hip-hop and believes Usher’s ‘Climax’ to be “the best song of all time”.

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