The album features songs that didn’t appear of Boom. Done., as well as unique remakes and remixes

Anthony Green, Pennsylvanian solo artist and lead singer of Circa Survive, Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and L.S. Dunes, has launched his new album, Doom. Spun., a “sister record” to 2022′ Boom. Done. The musician has simultaneously produced two new music videos for the songs from the album. Green sees the album as a canvas of highlights of his life in the past two years and calls it “a collection of experimentation and collaboration, like a collage of moments from my life since Boom. Done. was released.”

Not only does Doom. Spun. boast a bunch of new tracks, it also features songs that didn’t make the cut on Boom. Done., as well as new remakes and remixes of earlier songs. In addition, fans will get to enjoy a solo version of Green’s collab with Skrillex ‘3am’, an electronic remix of ‘Fucks Me Up’, a live version of ‘Don’t Dance’ and a cover of Title Fight‘s ‘Numb, But I Still Feel It.’

The new music videos offered by Green are for ‘I Don’t Want To Die By Strings’, which is an acoustic version of ‘I Don’t Want To Die Tonight’ featuring Summer Swee-Singh, and ‘All Hours’ with Moshtradamus/Death Barrier. Check out the two new tracks below.

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Green’s energy seems neverending. Apart from the album release and making videos, he took part in Bonnaroo’s Emo SuperJam last month, sharing the stage with My Chemical Romance for ‘Helena’ and with Taking Back Sunday for ‘MakeDamnSure’. See a TikTok snippet of his appearance on ‘Helena’ below:


Anthony Green & Chris Carrabba sing My Chemical Romance ‘Helena’ at the #bonnaroo Emo Super Jam. 🖤 #emo #mychemicalromance #anthonygreen

♬ original sound – Becks | Concert life ☆

Tourwise, the singer first has a few solo tour dates in the US to play this fall, and he’s got a few surprises for his fans:

“I’ve also been working on this new setlist over the last couple years where I’ve been playing a lot more Circa songs and Saosin songs,” he says in an interview with Punknews. “I never played “Seven Years” as part of my solo set, I always kept that as something that was just for Saosin. I’ve recently started playing it and I never really played a lot of Circa songs solo before. There’s a lot of new songs to my setlist that I’ve never played before that I’ve really been enjoying playing.”

Green will then rejoin his band L.S. Dunes for a tour leg, which includes sets at Riot Fest, Furnace Fest, and other festivals. And last but not least, L.S. Dunes are locked to support Rise Against‘s upcoming tour, where they’ll share the road with Spiritual Cramp, Cloud Nothings, and Microwave.

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