Watch CIRCA SURVIVE’s Bass Guitarist Perform Risky Ladder Trick on Stage


CIRCA SURVIVE bass guitarist Nick Beard demonstrates wonders of acrobatics, balancing on an enormous ladder during the show

May 2, 2015

circa-surviveSome may like it hot but this Philadelphian rockers like it risky. During their show in Huntington, New York, Circa Survive bass guitarist Nick Beard had a very tall ladder delivered to the show venue, climbed it all the way up and showed his balancing skills on the top of it.

Circa Survive released their latest album to date, titled Descensus, on November 24, 2014 and are now touring the States. The ladder trick might have been the band’s answer to the “challenge” since Circa Survive are currently joined on the road by Pennsylvanian alternative rockers Balance and Composure. The musician had probably decided: “Well, let me show you my balance and composure” and went for it.

Watch the amazing ladder trick in the video below:

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