ASKING ALEXANDRIA go dubstep in new Slander and Crankdat’s track ‘Kneel Before Me’

Asking Alexandria band 2017

Slander and Asking Alexandria’s goal was to make their “own rendition of hardcore music with dubstep at its core”

When Korn dropped their Skrillex-produced mindblowing metal/dubstep album The Path Of Totality in 2011, they made our hair stand on end. “I want to do things we’re not supposed to do,” stated Korn frontman Jonathan Davis back then. And this could have been exactly the motivation for Asking Alexandria to partner up with Slander and Crankdat on a new song ‘Kneel Before Me.’ Give it a listen below!

“We’ve teamed up with Slander and Crankdat to take trance/EDM and metal/rock genres to a whole new level,” Asking Alexandria announced in a tweet. “This is heavy, ballsy and unapologetically in your fucking face! These two worlds have just collided like never before.”

Danny Worsnop and co. dared to fuse their sound with that of up-and-rising American bands EDM acts Slander and Crankdat, mostly writing post-dubstep and trap music. Slander is a Los Angeles band focusing on dubstep and post-dubstep, and Crankdat is young Cleveland-born DJ and electronic dance music producer.


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Slander told they were really excited when Asking Alexandria agreed to be collaborate with them on ‘Kneel Before Me’. They even admitted that their first music influences were rock and hardcore, so the blend came out quite naturally:

“In high school indie rock and hardcore music were some of the first sounds we ever dove into as teenagers. Bands like Avenge Sevenfold, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday and Asking Alexandria, could be heard blaring from our car speakers in our respective high school parking lots.
This kind of music is in our core and is where a lot of our other tastes developed from, so if you can imagine we were thrilled when Asking Alexandria agreed to be a part of our new song with Crankdat! Our goal with this song was to make our own rendition of hardcore music with dubstep at its core, essentially bringing our musical roots into 2018! Hope you guys dig it!”

Asking Alexandria keep on touring in support of their latest self-titled album. The band’s new North American tour leg starts in late September, so check out their tour dates at this location. It’s Asking Alexandria’s first record since Denis Stoff left the band and Danny Worsnop returned to the mic.

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Hear the explosive new crossover track below. Does it remind you of Korn’s The Path Of Totality or does it only seem to us?

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