Must-see: THE BEATLE Paul McCartney surprises tourists in elevator

Paul McCartney Beatles Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Imagine you’re taking an elevator, the doors open and there is… Paul McCartney playing ping-pong!

September 8, 2018

You might have missed the latest Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon but this part you absolutely must see. The show’s guest, Sir Paul McCartney, teamed up with Fallon in order to take aback tourists visiting the 30 Rock building in an elevator.

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The former Beatle and the show host were waiting in the lobby on one of the floors, behaving as natural as they possibly could. The tourists in the elevator were going up or down (just another day of their trip), when the doors suddenly opened on one of the floors… and all the travelers could see McCartney! The icon was either playing ping-pong or reading a newspaper with a pipe and slippers. It was just a couple of seconds. But these seconds became the most unforgettable for many of those shocked tourists.

But enough said! Check out this hilarious Tonight Show video with the former Beatle below.

McCartney didn’t come empty-handed to the show, of course. He also performed ‘Come On To Me’, a song featured on his new solo album, Egypt Station, which has just come out. Watch the performance below as well.

The ex-Beatle has been promoting his new album, Egypt Station, through secret shows in London and in Liverpool and has several arena shows scheduled for this year.

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