While in quarantine, BMTH are letting fans into their intimate home-recording process, and the new tunes seem really catchy

Bring Me The Horizon are making the best of their creativity while in quarantine. The band members are working passionately on new music, separately from their home studios, of course. What started off as a teaser on May 22, soon resulted in an announcement of a new project and a new track scheduled for release on June 10.

On Thursday, May 28, BMTH gave us an even closer look at what the upcoming new songs will sound like, as we enter Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish’s “working space” and hear the vocalist comment on how he wants this or that part on the track in progress.

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It was back in March that Bring Me The Horizon first announced working on new material for what they titled “BMTH8.” In the course of the following months, the rockers were posting all sorts of updates on the release to come, at times quite confusing. Then the whole coronavirus pandemic broke out, forcing musicians to cancel all tours and adapt to the new circumstances of home isolation.

Luckily, Bring Me The Horizon managed to get round to composing new music, as planned. And even beyond the initial plans. A week ago the band posted a teaser, announcing a new series of videos under the title “BMTHS2”, and followed it up with more in-depth footage. From the very first teaser, BMTH fans were gripped. Oli Sykes showed himself as a fascinating narrator, unveiling how their approach to writing songs changed due to quarantine:

“So we’re going to be sharing our progress with you,” Sykes says. “You’re going to see how we write remotely, how we record remotely and everything in between. So watch this space. I hope everyone is happy and healthy and finding the little pleasures that they can in this weird and fucked up time.”

As to the new BMTH song, coming out June 10, fans tend to believe it’s called ‘Parasite Eve’, judging by the related Instagram post and the band’s hashtag. “Thank u very much Cameron for my parasite eve sweater diggin the crop,” wrote the frontman. “Our new song will be out June 10th oh shit.”

So far there have been six behind-the-scenes videos with various clips of new music. The last one, of May 28, is titled “05BMTHS2-pls tell me why-.mp4.” In the video, BMTH are seen writing the lyrics, creating and editing the tunes, without leaving their homes. When it comes to the lyrics, we can even see big chunks of the new song:

“please tell me why. With a foot in the grave don’t tell me what I’m missing. I’ve been using again. Please tell me why I wanna jump off the bridge and go to sleep with the fish.”

Check out the latest video footage below:

The release date of Bring Me The Horizon’s new album or its name aren’t known yet. But keep an eye on the band’s YouTube page and social media updates to keep up. Don’t miss out on the news about your favorite alternative rock artists – follow us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter.

Watch Bring Me The Horizon’s previous video footage below: