For ‘Kingslayer’, Bring Me The Horizon asked BABYMETAL to write their parts in Japanese language

Since Bring Me The Horizon launched their new EP Post Human: Survival Horror last month, awesome collaborations just keep coming. From Amy Lee to YUNGBLUD to, now, Japanese duo BABYMETAL! The two powerhouses have univeled their new song ‘Kingslayer’ which you can hear below.

Surprised to see Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL collaborating? In fact, the groups met in 2015 at the Kerrang! Awards ceremony, and later BMTH even opened for the Japanese duo on their 2019 arena tour. And from then on, the idea of recording a song had long been on Oli Sykes’ mind.

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“We wanted to do something with them for ages,” Sykes told NME a while ago. “We’ve got a really special connection with them, even though we don’t speak the same language. We don’t hang out or have conversations, but when you see them, it makes you really happy.”

Besides the very track ‘Kingslayer’, Bring Me The Horizon shared their detailed behind-the-scenes video, talking about how it came to them actually working together.

“Working with them was awesome,” shares the vocalist. “They’re so organized and so professional. I asked them, ‘I really want you guys to sing the verse in Japanese.’ So I told them the idea behind the song and the concept and they came back with like a table of option A,B,C and D of lyrics and little like all of it in Japanese and the translation and what it meant.”

Check out Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL’s collaboration result, titled ‘Kingslayer’, below and make sure you don’t miss out on the news about BMTH – join us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!