The band told us about new highly-acclaimed single ‘Eastern European Dream’ and how Eurovision brought them fans from all over the world

On April 6, rock quartet Sudden Lights, which represented Latvia at Eurovision 2023, came to Tallinn to perform at the annual music festival Tallinn Music Week. They played two venues on Saturday night – an acoustic set and a full-fledged rock one. Before their first performance at Nihe Kohvik, we sat down to chat with the guys.

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Andrejs (vocals), Kārlis (guitar) and Mārtis (percussion) told us about their newest release ‘Eastern European Dream’, their recent pop collaboration with Aminata, ‘Ataust rīts’ and, of course, their Eurovision experience. We also asked the band what they think of the Latvian artist heading to Eurovision this year, Dons.

Watch the full Sudden Lights interview below:

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