Corey Taylor shows his new SLIPKNOT mask in progress

Slipknot Corey Taylor

Fans are extremely excited, with some even offering Slipknot “serious cash” as mask aid

February 4, 2019

Corey Taylor cannot wait to show us his next Slipknot mask. To intrigue the fans, the singer took to Instagram on Sunday and let us cast a glance at his behind-the-scenes mask-making process.

“Since I can’t show you the mask yet, here’s what we go through to have them made,” Taylor explained in the post, showing the mask in the making. In the Instagram pic we see him sitting on a chair, surrounded by his design and construction team, applying the base of the mask-to-be.

When asked in a recent podcast why change the masks at all, Taylor shares how his masks change along with changes in his life and Slipknot album eras:

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“Like, a lot of the guys in the band are happy with theirs (masks), and they keep theirs. Maybe they’ll change them subtly, depending on who’s making the new ones for us. But for me, I like exploring who I am now. Nothing against the guys in the band, but for me — Especially with the lyrics. I’m not the same guy I was four years ago when we did .5, and before that when I did All Hope Is Gone. That guy is constantly changing, so who is that guy in this moment?”

In this interview, Taylor also shares his reaction to fans’ curiosity on the new mask, including some enthusiastic fans offering him “serious cash” for the creative headgear. Listen to the podcast below or read it here.

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