It’s Official: DEAD BY APRIL Welcome Jimmie Strimell Back, to Growl on Upcoming Tour


Dead By April will also do a livestream Facebook Q&A session this Saturday

May 3, 2017

Time to celebrate, hardcore fans of the Swedish modern-metal Dead By April: after multiple line-up changes and the recent sudden departure of Stoffe from the band, DBA’s longtime growl-vocalist Jimmie Strimell is now officially back for the upcoming tour dates! Check out the band’s announcement:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“We hereby confirm Jimmie Strimell as our growl-vocalist for the upcoming shows! Additionally, we’ll do a livestream Q&A on our Facebook this Saturday, May 6 at 15.00 (Swedish time) in order to hang out and answer questions etc. Much love.”[/quote]

If your favorite band’s albums are still their 2009′ breakthrough debut Dead by April and the following Incomparable (2011), then your favorite growl-singer in the group is by all means Strimell. Together with Pontus Hjelm, he formed Dead by April in early 2007 and was part of the band for 7 years.

In the light of Christoffer “Stoffe” Andersson’s unexpected departure on April 19, inviting Strimell back on tour seems more of an emergency measure but in the end, this sudden roller coaster can turn huge success for the band, as no one can do Strimell’s growl parts in DBA’s biggest hits better than Strimell himself.

However, the vocalist’s rejoining the band led to social media fights between the group’s longtime fans. While most fans are happy about Strimell taking the mic and bringing raw drive again, others think it wasn’t a good idea considering that the singer had left DBA due to his addictions and frequent fights with the band members. When Strimell left back in 2013, he claimed that he would never return to DBA due to harsh arguments with his band mates.

Strimell has recently been pointing our that he has overcome his addiction, and on his surprise return to the band he says: “It feels amazing to once again share the stage with DBA”. You can ask Jimmie all music or health-related questions in a livestream Q&A on the band’s Facebook this Saturday, May 6!

Are you more excited to catch Dead By April live this summer, now that Strimell is back in the game? Do you hope the band will also welcome him back into their official line-up? Do you think Strimell is now free from his bad habits?

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